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20 Interesting Photos From The past…

Hubert’s Museum And Peep Show Located In Times Square – 1950

Opening Day At Disneyland – 1955

John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, And Other Members Of Their Staff Getting A Tour Of The Cape Canaveral Missile Test Annex – 1962

A Nurse Standing Outside An Influenza Camp – 1912

Woman Working In Fort Worth, TX – 1942

During The Berlin Olympics, Jesse Owens Took Home The Gold After Winning The Long Jump – 1936

Actress Marlene Dietrich Welcomes Home A Soldier After He Returns From War – 1945

Behind The Scenes Of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood – 1991

The Tanjor Pagar In The Victoria Dock – 1890

The Grand Canal Located In Venice, Italy – 1865

A Parade Through Downtown Vancouver – 1942

The Hindenburg On A Flight Over Newfoundland – 1936

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert – 1854

When V-Mail Arrived From Overseas, This Woman Carefully Divided Them – Date Unknown

Slaves Posing With Their Brazilian Slave Owner – 1860

An Elephant Jumping From A Monorail In Germany. The Elephant Survived And Lived For 40 More Years – 1950

German SS Troops Posing For A Photo During The Berlin Summer Olympic Games – 1936

Goat Carriage Rides On Coney Island – 1900

A Hockey Game Between The New York Rangers vs. Detroit Red Wings Playing Without Helmets – 1967

The Paris Opera House – 1892 

Source: CrackTwo