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21 Awesome Storage Hacks You MUST Know…

Tension rod under the sink

Free up some space by using a tension rod to elevate your spray bottles up and out of the way in the bathroom or kitchen.

via a thousand words

Hanging clips for food storage

Keep delicate items from getting crushed and enjoy some freed up pantry space.

via Rubbermaid

 Bamboo stick knife storage

A safe, yet compact way to store your kitchen knives.

via Another Bright Idea

Pull-out cutting board

Increase counter space without sacrificing floor space.

via Blue Ridge

Fake drawer hack

Those fake drawers aren’t doing you any good, so repurpose with a paper towel rack!

via Southern Living

Pegboard jewelry organizer

Free up a drawer and put your jewelry on display.

via A Bubbly Life

Lazy Susan for pots and pans

Take advantage of the hard-to-reach spots with a Lazy Susan.

via martha moments

Wooden bungee cord organizer

This awesome organizer can store your delicate items up and out of the way.

via Brit + co.

Hanging suitcases

When floor space is at a premium, create some space by moving your suitcases to the wall.

via Indecent Order

Magnetic bobby pin storage

This hack solves two problems: finding and storing bobby pins.

via SuperWoman

Tissue box bag storage

Upcycle your old tissue boxes and compact your plastic bag supply.

via shelterness

Magnetic spice storage

Relocate your spices to the fridge, rather than valuable cupboard real estate.

via A Beautiful Mess

Crown molding as a shoe rack

A stylish and practical way to clear up some floor space.

via Picklee

Over-the-sink cutting board

No counter space? No problem.

via the kitchn

Upright kitchen storage

Repurpose old shampoo bottles to store your utensils and dishtowels in the kitchen.

via DIY Enthusiasts

Towel racks as lid storage

Free up some space and never lose your pot lids again.

via Martha Stewart

Wall-mounted food dispensers

A fun and space-saving way to store your pasta and cereal.

via Creative Ideas

Measuring Cup Storage

Keep them up and out of the way to conserve shelf space.

via Tidbits from the Tremaynes

Hanging hangers

Free up some closet space and create a focal piece in your room all at once.


PVC pipe hair dryer holder

Neatly store your hair appliances out of the way and off the counter.

via Weekly Organizing Tips

Built-in dish rack

Save counter space while keeping your dishes neatly tucked away.

via derechosinitaly

Source: Diply

Hilariously Bad Christmas Cake Fails…(21 Pics)

The ghost of Santa looks worried:

Wow, Santa really let himself go:

This yule log looks like a different kind of log:

I’m glad they put a warning, but really, who in the hell decorates a cake with real Christmas light bulbs?!

This Christmas light bulb decorated cake doesn’t even need a warning, that demented-looking reindeer is reason enough not to eat the cake:

This cake is clearly having a holiday identity crisis:

This is just too depressing for words:

A “merry hoohoo” to you too?!

Is this supposed to be a pissed off cat wearing a Santa hat?

Yikes! This is like a gingerbread man you would see during an acid-trip come to life:

I see the Cowardly Lion and a sad Snowman with pubes:

This Grinch looks more like a knock-off Oscar the Grouch wearing a red beret:

It looks like there was room for both messages:

Jeez, this creepy gingerbread man looks like it is straight out Tim Burton’s nightmare:

Speaking of nightmare, this cake will definitely haunt your dreams for years:

Santa looks both very drunk and constipated:

I don’t know if this is supposed to be a passed out drunken Santa or a turkey in Santa drag?

A decapitated Mickey Mouse swimming in his own blood is an interesting design choice for the holidays:

Make up your mind, are we supposed to be merry or not?

Gross, who builds a snowman out of yellow snow (aka peed on snow)?

I admire that this decorator who thought, “Fuck it, I’ll turn this Valentine’s Day heart mold upside down and no one will be able to tell it isn’t a tree!”

Source: Buzzfeed

25 Truly Adorable Pictures of Animals in the Snow

Rocky Horror Picture Show ~ Then & Now

Tim Curry as Dr. Frank-N-Furter

Fun Fact: Tim Curry originally played Dr. Frank-N-Furter as a German, but after overhearing a woman on the bus dragging out her words, he knew the doctor should sound like the Queen of England.

20th Century Fox                                                                                                 Getty Images Entertainment

Richard O’Brien as Riff Raff

Fun Fact: “Time Warp” was added last minute to the movie after O’Brien realized the script was only about 40 minutes long. Composer Richard Hartley told the Guardian in 2013, “I’d dream up musical arrangements as we rehearsed and, though half the cast were vocally challenged, somehow it fell into place.”

20th Century Fox                                                                                            Getty Images Entertainment

Susan Sarandon as Janet Weiss

Fun Fact: Rocky Horror Picture Show was the first major movie experience for the entire main cast except for Susan Sarandon. Also, she’s STILL acting, duh. You can see her most recently in Tammy alongside Melissa McCarthy.

20th Century Fox                                                                                            Getty Images Entertainment

Barry Bostwick as Brad Majors

Fun Fact: Steve Martin was originally lined up to play Brad, but quickly lost out when Bostwick was considered.

20th Century Fox                                                                                             Getty Images Entertainment

Patricia Quinn as Magenta

Fun Fact: Quinn’s lips were used in the opening number, but she didn’t actually sing the song.

20th Century Fox                                                                                            Getty / Albert L. Ortega / Contributor

Meat Loaf as Eddie Ex

Fun Fact: Every person that tried to perform “Hot Patootie – Bless My Soul” failed at singing all the words, including Richard O’Brien, the song’s writer! Meat Loaf told O’Brien, “I can do that,” and he did.

20th Century Fox                                                                                            Getty / David Becker / Stringer

Nell Campbell as Columbia

Fun Fact: Director Jim Sharman and Tim Curry were the only people aware of Eddie’s corpse under the tablecloth in the film. Richard O’Brien told the Guardian that Sharman “wanted a natural reaction.” So, everyone’s reaction in the film is 100% real.

20th Century Fox                                                                                            Getty Images Entertainment

Peter Hinwood as Rocky Horror

Fun Fact: After being the infamous Rocky Horror, Peter Hinwood took a few modeling gigs, and then left acting as a whole to become AN ANTIQUES DEALER IN LONDON. When he spoke to People Magazine in 2000, he explained “One, I can’t act. Two, I cringe with embarrassment every time I see myself on film. Three, I relish a quiet, peaceful life.”

20th Century Fox                                                                                            Candace Lowry / BuzzFeed

Source: Buzzfeed

It’s NOT What It Looks Like… (19 Pics)

Craziest story…


You didn’t see anything.

I was a little cold.

I swear I wasn’t taking any money.

I was picking out an outfit for you.

I was only playing.

You’re home early.

We were wrestling, I swear.

Just trying out your new shoes for you.

I have no idea how the garbage got everywhere.

I got the mail for you while you were out.

I look fab-u-lo…what are you doing back?

It was like this when I found it.

I’m just watching them.

I was craving some ice cream.

It just kinda exploded.

This? Never seen it before.

Oh, welcome back…

Ok, before you go upstairs I just want to say “I love you.”


Source: Distractify