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21 Absolutely Beautiful Japanese Cherry Blossom Photos Of 2014

The delicate pink sakura, or cherry blossom, is associated primarily with the culture of its native Japan. These trees blossom throughout Japan every spring, but their beauty never gets old, so we’ve collected some of our favorite photos of this year’s cherry blossoms in Japan.

In Japan, the blossoming of the sakura begins in April, when students go back to school or people go back to work after the holidays. Japan’s national weather service even tracks the movement of the “sakura front,” which is an imaginary line that travels south-to-north every season and heralds the blooming of the sakura. This line’s progression in Japan is marked on this convenient sakura calendar.

The cherry blossom is tied to the ancient Japanese tradition of hanami, or picnicking under a sakura tree. The fact that the cherry blossom has heavily featured in ancient Japanese art has made it a staple of both historical and modern Japanese aesthetic. Although it is also native to China and Korea, it is generally associated primarily with Japanese culture, which is why it often accompanies the Japanese diaspora into cities around the world.

While sakuras are probably best viewed with a Japanese castle, mountain or garden in the backdrop, they might also be planted somewhere in your city as well. They provide a great opportunity to go have a beautiful springtime picnic!

Image credits: 紅襪熊

Image credits: Sue Hsu

Image credits: onotch

Image credits: Masato Mukoyama

Image credits: ta3mam

Image credits: Noisy Paradise

Image credits: Takeshi Tanaka

Image credits: Yukatan

Image credits: Akio Iwanaga

Image credits: tomosang

Image credits: Yuga Kurita

Image credits: zhangning

Image credits: torne

Image credits: Hikaruno Mikoto

Image credits: Saori

Image credits: Batistini Gaston

Image credits: Haru Digital Photo

Image credits: Nobuhiro Suhara

Image credits: poojartiwari

Image credits: Ryosuke Yagi

Image credits: Danny Dungo

Source: boredpanda

20 Bizarre Photos Of Actual Real Estate Agents

And you think your high school yearbook photo was bad.

1. Colonel Sanders?

3. “Bluetooth forever Siri never!”

4. I’d hire him.

5. This house needs to be at least THREE TIMES that size before I buy it!

6. So are you guys partners?

They tour.

7. What a view.

8. “I’ll consider that offer.”

9. Wait, wait, wait… You can fly, too?!

10. Beth Smith sells houses now.

11. “I’ll sell you the house and then my heart.”

12. Another member of the Bluetooth brigade.

13. He keeps all his real estate secrets under his hat.

14. “OK Photoshop guy, I want you to airbrush my nose a little. But not TOO MUCH.”

15. Howdy partner.

16. I don’t even…

17. The wife of No. 15

18. “I can show you the world.”

19. Selling you houses… from the ‘other side.’

44 “Signs” With Suspicious Use Of Quotation Marks

When misused, quotation marks make even the most innocent sentences worthy of some serious suspicion. These signs have given me some major trust issues.

No “strings” attached

“But is not ready for a serious relationship right now.”

I like the forwardness, but maybe buy me a drink first?

They won’t judge you if you’re actually just fat

Totally not breathing on the back of your neck and whispering in tongues.

Has it been sitting out for two days? Yes. Is there mold on it? No.

Looks like I’m in that particularly sleazy part of the neighborhood again.

*Turns faucet on, waits ten seconds, turns it off* Yeah, you know who you are.

The only reason this pole isn’t rolling its eyes is because it doesn’t have eyes.

At least, that’s what they tell the horse.

Hopefully more integrity than the structure of their building.

Someone just earned their Blatant Abuse of Punctuation badge.

That awkward moment when someone stands too close to you at the manure pile.

I request a worldwide z-snap in honor of this fine individual.

Whatever this is, I want it nowhere near my hands.

Something seems fishy here.

How to emasculate your employees in just four easy marks.

Their racial profiling abilities are unparalleled.

He’s the one who totally won’t inject your breasts with cement. Totally not that one.

Technically it’s upstairs if there’s a basement, right?

You can’t even tell me that Walter White isn’t operating out of this place.

After a week, food safety laws require them to add a second set of quotations.

The double negative makes this one extra tricky. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Good luck trying to win a shootout against a zombie cop.

We’ll settle this once and for all on Maury next week, but until then, let’s celebrate.

 There will be “Kool-Aid” and we will “sacrifice a goat.”

26 Things That 90s Kids Will Never Get Over

1. When Britney and Justin broke up.

Kevin Winter / Via Getty Images

2. When your gel pens ran out of gel.

Via Flickr: free-stock / Creative Commons

3. When the vacuum swallowed your Polly Pockets.


4. When Mufasa died.

Walt Disney Studios

5. When people ruined these by pointing out the sexual innuendoes.

6. When this happened to your favorite VHS.

7. When NSYNC stopped making music.

Brenda Chase, Hulton Archive / Via Getty Images

8. When school lunches changed and became more “healthy.”

Think Stock

9. When you tried Sun In and your hair didn’t look at all like what it was supposed to.

10. The entire second VHS tape of Titanic.

Via Flickr: 93222379@N04 / Creative Commons

11. When your friends had a cell phone like this and you were still calling people on your landline.

Via Flickr: slpunk99 / Creative Commons

12. When you got your braces’ rubber band colors changed only to find out that someone else had the EXACT SAME COLORS.

13. When someone already had the AOL Instant Messenger screen name you wanted.


14. Just Furbies in general.

15. When your teacher caught you passing notes and forced you to read it out loud to the class.

16. When people had 3D Doritos for lunch and you had lame Lay’s.

17. When your hacky sack got a hole in it and the filling slowly started to leak out all over the place.

Via Flickr: cdslug / Creative Commons

18. When your NeoPet were dying of hunger…for months.

19. When you showed your friends this cool trick and they ALREADY knew about it.

20. When you bit into your candy necklace and tasted the string.

Via Flickr: kenstein / Creative Commons

21. When everyone had a pair of these except for you.

Via Flickr: 10651509@N08 / Creative Commons

22. When your floppy disk ran out of space.

Via Flickr: lisovy / Creative Commons

23. When you bit into your Ring Pop and the whole thing shattered and forced you to eat it all at once.

Via Flickr: alyssafilmmaker / Creative Commons

24. When you gave your classmate a quarter for a colorful Elmer’s Glue bookmark and they never gave you one.

25. When it came time to buy school supplies and the store was out of the Lisa Frank folder you wanted.

Lisa Frank, Inc. / Via

26. And the absolute horror when your Beanie Baby’s tag got bent.

 Source: Buzzfeed