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This Compilation Of Batdad Vines Proves That His Wife Jen Is The Real Hero

Batdad has over 3 million followers on Vine, but this video compilation really makes it clear that his wife, Jen is a hero, if not a bona fide saint.

It’s not easy living with a husband who thinks he’s Batman.


Jen is not having it.

Cool as a cucumber, she takes it all in stride.

Friends fans will appreciate her use of a certain gesture.

Even his pep talks are insanely intense.

But Jen keeps it REAL.

Every now and then, she even shows signs that she might actually enjoy it.

Jen really is a good sport.

Let’s hear it for JEN!

Source: Buzzfeed

‘Minecraft’ founder Markus Persson’s sad Twitter spree

In the latest installment of “money can’t buy you happiness,” Minecraft founder Markus Persson says he’s “never felt more isolated” despite becoming a billionaire after selling his company to Microsoft last year.

The Swedish creator of the massively popular game laid bare some of his thoughts on billionaire life in a series of melancholic tweets early Saturday morning.

Here’s what Persson had to share:

Persson’s blues were met with encouragement by many:

Fast-forward several hours and it seems Persson was back to enjoying life a little bit more:

Just another reminder that people from all walks of life can look perfect from afar, but often be fighting difficult battles deep beneath a cheery surface.

In December, Persson paid $70 million to beat out a host of celebrities including Beyoncé and Jay Z and buy a ridiculously posh Beverly Hills mansion. The home even has its own candy room:

We’ll forgive you if that makes it just a little harder to summon tons of sympathy for Persson’s sad tweets.

Source: Mashable