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It’s NOT What It Looks Like… (19 Pics)

Craziest story…


You didn’t see anything.

I was a little cold.

I swear I wasn’t taking any money.

I was picking out an outfit for you.

I was only playing.

You’re home early.

We were wrestling, I swear.

Just trying out your new shoes for you.

I have no idea how the garbage got everywhere.

I got the mail for you while you were out.

I look fab-u-lo…what are you doing back?

It was like this when I found it.

I’m just watching them.

I was craving some ice cream.

It just kinda exploded.

This? Never seen it before.

Oh, welcome back…

Ok, before you go upstairs I just want to say “I love you.”


Source: Distractify


22 Clever DIY Christmas Trees

Shelf-made Christmas Tree


Tripod Christmas Tree


Felt Ball Christmas Tree


Cardholder Christmas Tree


Hardcover Christmas Tree


Egg Carton Christmas Tree

(author: unknown)

Floating Ornament Christmas Tree


Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree


Ladder Christmas Tree


Broccoli Salad Christmas Tree


Light Christmas Tree


Newspaper Christmas Tree


Strawberry Chocolate Christmas Tree


2-D Gift Bag Christmas Tree


Cushion Christmas Tree


Balloon Christmas Tree


Wine Cork Christmas Tree


Driftwood Christmas Tree


Book Sculpture Christmas Tree


Wall Collection Christmas Tree


Button Christmas Tree


Dry Wood Christmas Tree


Source: Boredpanda

9 Secret Menu Items From McDonald’s You Must Try…

 Chicken McGriddle – This sandwich combines a piece of McDonald’s chicken between two McGriddle buns.

Pie McFlurry – One of McDonald’s secret menu items is the Pie McFlurry. This ice cream treat consists of vanilla ice cream blended with apple pie.

 Land, Sea, and Air Burger – This burger combines a Filet-O-Fish, Big Mac, and McChicken in one.

Mc10:35 – The Mc10:35 is a traditional egg McMuffin with a burger patty stuffed inside.

McLeprechaun Shake – this shake is only available during March.

Big McChicken – The Big McChicken is a traditional Big Mac with all of the toppings, but instead of burger buns, three McChicken patties take their place.

McCrepe – The McCrepe is a combination of pancake filled with a yogurt parfait.

Root Beer Float – Many McDonald’s facilities no longer carry root beer as a drink option so finding this secret menu item proves to be difficult for some. If your McDonald’s does not have root beer, ask for a coke float, it tastes just as good.

Monster Mac – The Monster Mac contains eight burger patties. Instead of the traditional Big Mac, the Monster Mac adds three more patties to each layer.

Source: Radass