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21 More Brilliant Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Boarded Up Windows


Giant Dough-Boy


The Hanging


The Walking Dead


Window Cut-Outs








Way Too Scary




Scary Pumpkin


Guy Stuck in Tree


Man-Eating Pumpkin


Ghosts Dancing


The Kids Are Grounded


RIP Canadian Style


Nightmare Before Christmas




Zombie Bus


Rock Stars


And check out this HALLOWINDOW


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24 People Who Undoubtedly Need A Vacation

This guy who obviously got dressed in the dark.

Whoever misplaced their tablet right before a monsoon.

The sad soul who ate chocolate cake alone on the toilet.

This person who forgot how tooth brushes work.

This factory worker who has reached their frustration date.

Whoever got smacked in the face with this irony.

This guy who spent all his energy wrapping this present.

Whoever had the letters on their keyboard rearranged.

This person whose work computer even told them to go the hell home.

These guys with zero-hour energy.

This guy who had a great first day at work.

Whoever touched the acid.

Whoever had to pick this up.

Whoever had to stock the Gatorade shelves.

Whoever parked their car like this and then said “fuck it.”

Whoever resisted the urge to bash this phone with a hammer.

Anyone that needs the emergency vodka.

Whoever got THIS bored.

This warehouse worker who doesn’t take instructions well.

This guy having a stinky morning.

This person who probably didn’t get the required eight hours of sleep.

This poor, poor, poor, emergency room employee.

The poor soul who has this image scarred on his or her retina.

And this guy who obviously deserves a week on an island with a piña colada in hand.

Source: Buzzfeed

Horror Films Have Nothing On these 5 Abandoned Asylums…

 Danvers State Hospital.

This hospital was built in Danvers, Massachusetts in 1887 with the intention of delivering compassionate care and treatment to the mentally ill. However, that focus on compassion caused the number of patients within Danvers to increase. The structure was designed to accommodate just 600 patients, but by 1939, more than 2,000 patients were packed into the building.

As you might imagine, this lead to severe overcrowding and patient neglect. Danvers was also the birthplace of the ever-popular lobotomy. The procedure was used liberally on scores of patients crowding the facility. That’s almost too horrifying to even imagine.

Topeka State Hospital.

Topeka State Hospital became better as time went on, but when it was bad, oh boy was it bad. The story that made this hospital infamous happened when a journalist when to visit the facility during the early 1900s. The first thing he saw was a patient strapped to a bed. The patient was there for so long that his skin had started to grow over the restraints. Among the other horrors at the facility during that time were patients chained up naked for months at a time.

The state of Kansas ordered a panel to study and fix the problems at the facility in 1948. Things surprisingly got better after this. By the time the facility shut down in 1997, Topeka State Hospital was one of the leading psychiatric facilities in the country. It’s still pretty horrifying that they used to chain up their patients like that.

Fernald State School.

This facility originally served as a home for troubled and disabled young boys. For many of the children there, it was actually more like a prison camp. The boys received an extreme level of abuse from both their fellow children and the facility leaders. They also received a sub par education. The worst thing that happened to these boys was definitely the Quaker Oats radiation experiment.

In the 1950s, researchers at MIT fed members of the Fernald science club irradiated Quaker Oats as a way to study how the body absorbs radiation. Though the dose of radiation was not fatal, Quaker Oats and MIT still paid out a huge settlement to members of the science club. Parts of the Fernald facility are still in operation today, and serves as home for mentally disabled adults.

Trenton State Hospital.

The Trenton State Hospital, like so many on this list, began its life with the best of intentions. All this changed when Dr. Henry Cotton became the hospital director in 1907. While Cotton did some good things for the facility, his unique theory on mental illness would doom many patients.

Cotton believed that all mental illness was caused by infections, and began to perform invasive surgery on patients in an attempt to cure their illness. He boasted a success rate of 85 percent, but that’s only because many patients did not survive these operations. Most of these surgeries were also performed against the patient’s will. Cotton remained at Trenton until 1930. The facility is still in operation today, but parts of the campus are abandoned.

Metropolitan State Hospital.

Metropolitan suffered from many of the same problems as the other hospitals on this list. However, it’s well known for the death of Anna Marie Davee. Davee was a patient at Metropolitan, who suddenly disappeared in 1978. In 1980, her killer was discovered as a fellow patient, Melvin Wilson.

Wilson took police to the two graves that he buried Davee in. If that wasn’t creepy enough, Wilson kept 7 of Davee’s teeth with him as a memento after he killed her. The facility was completely closed down in 1992.

Sources: Viralnovaio9

25 Interesting Alcohol Facts You Might Not Know…

Discovery of late Stone Age jugs suggest that intentionally fermented beverages existed at least as early as the Neolithic period (about 10,000 BC).

Most vegetable and almost all fruits contain a small amount of alcohol in them.

Along with a few more countries, United States has the highest minimum drinking age in the world. In some other countries, the legal drinking age is as low as 16.

Alcohol is not exclusively a terrestrial matter. Astronomers found out there is a lot alcohol in space as well.

It was during the Prohibition when cocktails gained popularity. They were offered to mask the flavor of poorly made alcohol. Popular cocktails included Mary Pickford, French 75, Barbary Coast, Bee’s Knees, and the Sidecar.

Researches suggest that at any given time, 0.7% of the world population is drunk. It means 50 million people are drunk right now.

You can have a bottle of the world´s most expensive vodka for just mere 3.75 million dollars. “The Billionare Vodka“ is first ice-filtered, then filtered through Nordic birch charcoal and lastly passed through sand made from crushed diamonds and gems. It is sold in a platinum and rhodium encased, diamond encrusted crystal bottle.

Every year in the U.S., roughly 5,000 people under the age of 21 die from an alcohol-related incident such as car crashes, homicides, alcohol poisoning and other related injuries.

A muscular person has a higher alcohol tolerance than someone with more body fat. Water-rich muscle tissues absorb alcohol more effectively, preventing it from reaching the brain.

A bottle of champagne contains 90 pounds or pressure per square inch, which is three times the pressure found in car tires. The popped cork from a champagne bottle travels as fast as 60 miles per hour and can cause some serious damage.

Fear on an empty glass even got its scientific name. It is called Cenosillicaphobia.

Vikings enjoyed alcohol, but they did not drink it from any of the traditional containers. Instead, they allegedly preferred to celebrate their victories by tippling from the skulls of their defeated enemies.

Japanese doctors have observed patients with “auto-brewery syndrome,” in which high levels of candida yeast in the intestines churn out so much alcohol that they can cause drunkenness.

The most beer-drinking country in the world is the Czech Republic. With an incredible per capita beer consumption of almost 40 gallons a year, the Czechs are way out in front in the beer drinking world league table, leaving the Irish, Germans, Americans and other “beer nations” far behind.

One of the most popular drinks in Cambodia is Tarantula Brandy; a delectable concoction that includes rice liquor and freshly dead tarantulas.

The world´s strongest beer is Brewmeister´s „Snake Venom“. While regular beer usually have about 5% ABV, this Scottish killer has a stomach-burning 67,5% ABV.

Many high school cafeterias in Europe serve alcohol to students who choose to drink.

Vodka is the world’s most popular liquor by a huge margin, with about 5 billion liters consumed every year.

Abraham Lincoln held a liquor license and operated several taverns.

In Ohio, it is illegal to get a fish drunk.

The word “brandy“ derives from the Dutch word “brandewijn“, which means “burnt wine“.

The soil of one of the vineyards in France is considered so precious that it is mandatory for workers to scrape the soil off their shoes before they leave.

Despite the popularly held belief, real Tequila doesn’t have a worm in it. In fact, the worm, or gusano, actually originated with tequila’s “lower-quality” cousin, “mezcal”, largely as a marketing ploy.

A pint of beer, a glass of wine, and a shot of vodka all contain almost the same amount of alcohol.

While Adolf Hitler was one of the world’s best known abstainers, Sir Winston Churchill was one of the world’s heaviest drinkers.

Source: List25

20 Funny Birthday Cakes For People With A Sense Of Humour

Inspirational Birthday


Disgusting Cake


Zombie Cake


Star Trek Cake


Meme Cake


One Does Not Simply Eat Cake


Rick Roll Birthday


Pie Cake


Honest Cake


Chuck Norris Cake


Morbid Cake


Masters of the Universe Cake


Intervention Cake


Doge Cake




Epic Cake


Ice Cream Cake


Grumpy Cat Cake


Depressing Birthday


Brutal Cake


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