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It’s Almost Impossible to Believe That This Isn’t Photoshop, but it’s NOT!

These works of art were created by jjkairbrush. Take a look at some of his amazing 3D creations below!

The whole thing looks like a painting.

 I bet there is a hungry crocodile lying in wait under the page, ready for a meal.

Looks like they are walking right out of the wall.

 His work really comes to life.

 That belongs on a motorcycle tank.

 Shark Infested furniture.

 Don’t worry, these creepy crawlies aren’t going anywhere.

 Those guys looks just as confused as I am in trying to figure this out.

 It’s like they are really levitating off the paper.

 Sailing through his 3D imagination.

 Jurassic Art.

 The argument. Sometimes his art just doesn’t agree with him.

Smoking hot!

 I’d like to take that bridge right into that magical 3D world.

 Poor King Monkey only has his dog to keep him company.

 Come out and play.

 Amazing how he incorporates a few different sheets of paper into his creations.