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Revenge is SWEET!!!

The man is furious after finding his buddy put an axe in the roof of his car following a night out.

He gets his payback by having a GIANT axe built to crush the buddy’s car.

(Video Below)

The fuming Aussie documented the stages of his revenge in a video posted on YouTube.

The three-minute clip shows experts helping with the creation of the axe. It also shows the prankster in a warehouse, telling his mate: “You’re going to regret what you did to my little car.”

He then makes a Skype call to the unsuspecting housemate who is forced to watch helplessly as his car is smashed to pieces by the colossal chopper in front of his eyes.

The shot of the axe — which is 13m tall and weighs over a ton — destroying the car is played from different angles while the mortified housemate can be heard shrieking in the background.

Friends of the man clap and cheer at his successful retaliation while he shouts, “and that is called revenge!!